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This is a letter I received today (well email) from a friend who is in Iraq right now...he unfortunately was sent away just a few weeks before his national guard college contract was over, but it really puts things into perspective in life. Especially at this time of the year I think it is great to realize and appreciate family, friends, and everything else in our lives.

"Hey Everyone-

I hope everything is going well and everyone is having a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday Season! This note isn't really that serious so I didn't mean to scare anyone. Anyway, in this email I thought I would talk about the TCNs (Third Country Nationals) I deal with everyday. These are the guys who do all of the grunt work for the military. Be it prepare and serve food, work in all of the businesses (Post Exchange, Burger King, Etc.) Pump out the shiters, take out the garbage. Basically any job an American wouldn't want to do. Seeing these guys everyday has really made me realize how great EVERYONE in America has it. When I say everyone I mean everyone. Whenever anyone thinks they have a raw deal or a shitty life, or life isn't fair they should have to shadow these guys for one week just to see how lucky they have it. These guys not only spend countless hours of their day (which they probably don't get paid for) passing through our check points having us go through all of t
heir stuff, and ordering them around. On top of that before they even make it to our post they have to deal with KMOI and the Kuwaitis who treat them like second class citizens. These guys get to work by walking, riding shitty buses, or riding in the back of pickup trucks. Once they are all done with this they bust their ass doing work I would never do and treat all Americans like royalty. The kicker is they get paid about 80-150 KD or $250-$500 a month. Most of this money is sent back to their families so that they can survive. Most of these guys especially the younger ones really look up to the American troops here. They try to imitate the way we speak and even try and dress like us. There are a number of them who even wear Operation Iraqi Freedom shirts, or other shirts made by Army units that talk about Operation Iraqi Freedom. I can't tell you enough how lucky I feel to be where I am. The way I live right now seems rough and hard to everyone back home but to these TCNs I
am sure they would kill to have my "rough" life. I send this out only as an observation so that when you are having a bad day you can think about people like the TCNs and realize you don't really have it so bad and can consider yourselves lucky. Oh yea, and before anyone responds (most likely my dad :)) and says don't feel too bad for these guys they probably won't hesitate to blow you up or sell information to insurgents. I will say that you are probably right and not because they hate us or America but because some are probably pretty desperate for money and willing to work for the guys who do want to hurt us and do hate America. So I won't let them slide and will still waste countless hours of their day searching them! :) Well, I hope everyone is doing well and they don't think this email is to sappy.


P.S. My commercial is on the air and I have been told that some of you have already seen it. For those who haven't it is on channels 4 (Milw) and 26(GB) during the morning show and evening news programs"

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one of my new mottos: friends don't let friends have ridiculously horrid looking company logos...ugh once I fix it up which I finally convinced them to allow me to do I will post the before and after...just think a LOGO created in photoshop using gradients and at least 4 layer styles *shakes head*

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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

(in no particular order):

01:: hung up - Madonna (or her whole new CD really)
02:: good love is on the way - John Mayer Trio (again his whole live blues CD kicks butt)
03:: bad day - Daniel Powter
04:: Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood
05:: Not About Love - Fiona Apple
06:: Ghost and Madrigals both by Howie Day
07:: Invinsible - OK Go

and i tag you: hilary, jay, dan, kate, paul, brian, jenny
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oh fed ex how I have a new found hate for thee

Once upon a time there was a little (ok not so little) Quad Powermac being delivered to my house. Obviously this package was marked as signature only. However, on this beautiful snowy Friday last week the local Fed Ex delivery man/woman decided...how about I just drop this computer in the snow and leave it outside for hours without a signature!!!!! because that would be cool right?

so after checking with the genii and such at work Saturday I was assured it would probably be ok so I waited until Sunday night just to be safe. Last night I open it up and stare at the glory that is my new 23 inch display and the lovely silver tower...I hook up my Powerbook to start migrating the files and all seems to be well...UNTIL 15 minutes left into the transfer and both my PB and the new quad stop...just dead stop

i stare at both screens hoping they will magically restart...no such luck...i try hitting buttons and nothing, so i was forced to restart them ugh they hated me I am sure but at this point I had no other choice...restart and again this happens, this time 10 minutes remaining. WTF...at this point I start swearing in my head at Fed Ex.

This morning I retry again, this time without the PB and just start up the quad....yep there is an error so I reinstall the whole damn OS. Still problems, so I run disk utility on both
DING DING DING...there is a fatal error on my PB harddrive..oh shit, I frantically did a back up and restored the PB files safely to the new quad.

now tomorrow or whenever I finally have time I need to reinstall my entire PB harddrive ugh how fun does THAT sound! I also called Fed Ex this morning and gave them an earfull...what I got back...well we didn't do anything wrong the page just isn't updated...I was like well signature required yet you dropped my package off and left it for hours in the snow where it couldve been stolen since the box screams apple powermac basically doesn't really seem like you did what was right to me...she says "well signature required means they just suggest one" I said "umm wouldn't that be something more like signature suggested?" and I got no answer back...obviously Fed Ex enjoys hiring complete idiots...I called Apple to let them know of the situation and they said the computer should be fine and there was nothing else they could do but if this quad is messed up over time..fed ex is going down!!!!!
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I pushed thebunnybrat in the mud (-17 points). In August I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In June I bought porn for katkegger (-10 points). In October I signed my organ donor card (28 points). In February I gave duxwig a kidney (1000 points).

Overall, I've been nice (301 points). For Christmas I deserve a Lego set!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

fun times

as usual I never remember/have time to update

-I have a new job! Full time, I'm either a Designer or Assistant Art Director..they haven't decided yet haha...start on the 14th! decent money (hell anything is better than the 500 a month I've been making at apple right?) I'm excited but nervous

-I ordered a Quad Powermac! and 23" monitor...my monitor should be here on Wed. woo hoo! Powermac not until January booooo :o(

-My brother had his car stolen about a month ago...Friday we got a call from the cops saying they found it. Saturday we find out...just kidding it was 2 blocks from his house this whole time and my brother just never saw it!!! hahahaha oooh my brother is a funny one...or just not smart you decide :o) but at least my mom can stop stressing now and we can put her Impala up for sale for real now...looking for a new car anyone?!

-Homecoming at SNC was fun but I wish I could have seen Hilary and some others for longer! Friday was ridiculously drunk times and if you know my myspace you can see quite possibly the funniest picture of me ever which clearly defines the extent of that night....drunk and emotional me could not find my friends and later wandered the streets of De Pere until I finally went to good ol Campus Safety and made Lori drive me to Amy's hahaha...and I definitely did NOT drink on saturday

-Booked my first Bridal Show to attend for the invitation bizzzzzz. The show is the first weekend in January and I'm excited but nervous. Somehow while working Full Time at my new job and part time at Apple I have to figure out how to design more samples, get the table planned out and make 2,500 bag inserts....kill me now...or more like expect me NOT to have a life for the next few months! haha
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So yesterday I had lasik surgery (laser eye correction if you aren't familiar since I've found some aren't!). If you know me you know that I have had eye issues for a long time..."desert eyes" as I call them (dry eyes), cornea scratch/ripping, you name it i've probably had something happen similar...

I'm a hugeeee wuss when it comes to doctors. When I was younger I used to seriously hide wherever I could to avoid them. Bathrooms, elevators, stairwells you name it. Once when i was around 7 and I needed my blood drawn I had to have eight doctors and nurses hold me down and I actually shut off my blood flow when they put the needle in and no blood would come out, repeat on other side and still none until they told me they would stick me again if I didn't calm down. haha I've come quite a long way in my fear of doctors since that is for sure. I didn't know if I would make it through this whole lasik thing but as much of a wuss as I am it wasn't bad!

and....I CAN SEE! it is so odd...I keep wanting to reach for my glasses even thought I'm already wearing some pretty sexy goggles haha...I have a checkup appointment today and then I'm off to work

the weirdest thing for me is I cannot wear any eye makeup for a WEEK ahhhh I just don't look like my usual self without mascara and such its so weird

We also have a few Full Time positions open at work and I'm still debating whether or not I should apply for one...
Pros - money, benefits, good times at apple
Cons - I would basically be slowing down my business or working nonstop when things are finally going places with it...

ughhhh hard decisions

Now onto a boy dilemma...so I've been on a few dates with this guy who coincidentally has the same last name as me minus one letter..odd..anyways I havent' seen him in 2 weeks due to the whole Jewish Holidays (he is jewish if you didn't guess by that) and my trip last weekend...as we were talking last night I asked what he was doing this weekend and he proceeds to say "friday i'm going out with friends, saturday I have a date".....ok what? I figured this was some kind of hint so I was like hmm a date eh? guess that means no more for us?...he says "What would make you think that? chill out drama queen" now over IM I don't know if that was sarcastic or serious for one (damn IM for not being able to hear voice tones) but I said wow I am not a drama queen I just figured it was some sort of hint...and he says no not at all I don't get why you would think we aren't going to go on another date you are the one that asked what I am doing this weekend

ok is it just me or would you at least normally LIE and just say you are going out in general or something? I don't understand guys

well off for my hourly eye drops...til next time...

Random Music Survey thing

alright. i got this from Tracy who got it fromrymo :o) if you want to participate.. copy and paste your answers from your own music collection on your ‘puter.

number of songs: 3630 (I just deleted over 2000 yikes it seems so small now)

first song by title: 'ti Human Voices Wake Us - Midsummer
last song by title: Zebra - John Butler Trio

first song by artist name: I've Been Lost - +/-
last song by artist name: Red Dust - Zero 7

first song by album name: Ojos Asi - Shakira
last song by album name: Camping with Lesbians - Pat McCurdy

top 10 most played
1. Freek A Leek - Petey Pablo

2. Toxic - Britney Spears

3. Game Over - Lil Flip

4. Saint Simon - The Shins

5. New Slang - The Shins

6. Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas

7. You're The Only One - Maria Mena

8. Get Low - Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys

9. Kissing the Lipless - The Shins

10. One and Only - Teitur

top 10 most recent
1. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie

2. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas

3. Club Foot - Kasabian

4. Invincible - OK Go

5. Gone Going - Black Eyed Peas

6. Gotta Get Up From Here - Ellie Lawson

7. Brace Yourself - Howie Day

8. What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie

9. Bad Day - Daniel Powter

10. Fix You - Coldplay

search for “sex”; how many results? 27
search for “death”; how many results? 38
search for “love”; how many results? 185
search for “peace”; how many results? 16
search for “rain”; how many results? 22
search for “sun”; how many results? 60
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what? Elizabeth is updating?...yes yes I am

not much new news lately besides the fact that I chopped my hair (well chopped for meeeee and I love it) besides that the normal work and business stuff

the office is coming together and looking quite hot if I must say so myself...once I do my frog painting and we hang up the final shelving and actually FIND things to hang on shelves haha then it will be all ready...also still need to order chairs for the clients...i also need to find time to design the website UGH when? when will i be able to do that?

I've been on a horrible date since writing as well as a good one...so i guess since they are evened out that is a start lol at least there are not MORE bad ones than good :o) good date shall be seen again sometime soon now that his med school final is over and hes not studying 100 hours a day...why do I ALWAYS seem to find guys shorter than me tho haha I know I am tall but I know there are plenty of guys at least 5'11 here so whats the deal? oh well I suppose an inch doesn't hurt

work has been crazyyyy busy lately with back to school and some days i leave wanting to never come back but other days I love being able to help all these kids find their little college computers and such...since when do ALL students get laptops nowadays? When I started college in 2000 i think i knew one person with a laptop....so far this summer I think I have sold 2 desktop computers for college students so weird...unless maybe it was just St. Norbert who knows

this weekend I might be giong to visit Deidre in Sheboygan...she moved in with Tyler this week how insane is that! my little life partner is growing up and engaged and has a new job haha but after that if I go I shall then venture to green bay sunday for some visiting with friends and meeting with Amy to design her wedding invitations...I miss De Pere/GB sometimes (altho not often haha) more the people but if I get up there this weekend it will be good to get back for a while...
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