Elizabeth (coquibaby) wrote,

Four jobs I've had in my life
1. JCPenney - men's department
2. Waitress at Chi-Chi's and Player's Sports Bar and Grill in Green Bay
3. Mac Specialist at Apple Store
4. Graphic Designer at Healy Awards and now for my own business!

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. monty python and the holy grail
2. love actually
3. office space
4. shrek

Four places I have lived
1. milwaukee, wi
2. de pere, wi
3. franklin, wi
4. stirling, scotland

Four TV shows I love to watch
1. what not to wear
2. trading spaces (and similar shows) woo hoo me too
3. grey's anatomy
4. project runway

Four places I have been on vacation
1. england
2. ireland
3. canary islands of spain (Tenerife island to be exact)
4. colorado

Four of my favorite dishes
1. homemade spaghetti
2. quesadillas
3. pad thai
4. subs (not really a dish but whatever)

Four websites I visit daily
1. lj friends that I have rss feeds set up for and a few others if I remember (since some peoples wont let me do a feed for)
2. pinkisthenewblog.com (yea im a gossip whore when i am bored haha)
3. mac news sites I have rss feeds for
4. dooce.com

Four places I would rather be right now
1. mexico like I will be next month
2. scotland
3. italy
4. i dunno where else

Four bloggers I am tagging
1. hilary
2. paul
3. jay
4. kate
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