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I've realized a lot about life, money, etc lately. I've always known money isn't everything, but after the last few months working at Healy and really not enjoying my job one bit I was really slapped in the face that having more money in the short term is not what I want right now.

I quit my job on Monday and I have never been happier! Okay well I mean about the future, job-wise. While my friends all have a decent amount of money right now, things will probably be hard for me for a while until I have enough clients to have a steady income. I cannot WAIT until the bridal show, and I must say I have some pretty sweet ideas :o) I had two clients last night and sitting down with them really showed me that this is the right thing to do right now. Although, quitting Healy was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was almost in tears when putting in my two week to Mark, my boss (yes I know I am a loser for almost crying). But it feels good to know that they appreciate me there, because I am constantly asked by several people if I have changed my mind about quitting :o) I will miss a few people there, but the job just wasn't for me.

I am actually excited about Apple again now too, obviously not the best paying job in the world, but it allows me to keep up with my mac geekness and I love everyone that works there, I would have to visit constantly if I did have to quit! I think the stress from working so much lately really made me almost despise the job because it was taking away the little free time I could have had...
stress and excitement is building though, since during this last week of preparation before the Bridal Show I still have to work at Healy (my last day will be a half day on Friday before booth setup downtown). Also, the sales person at Envelopments mistakenly mismarked the shipping on my paper and I almost had a heart attack when I got the email saying my supplies were shipped Ground, but thank the Lord for Dawn who agreed to take my Sunday shift. Also I hope overnightprints.com follows through. I've heard of them having pretty good quality and can't complain too much about their prices or 24 hour ship times! insane!

ok, well I have my postcards all sketched out and waiting to be digitizzeddddd

anyone have anything you think I should put on the postcards/fliers I am giving out in bridal bags and at my booth (two separate items) that maybe I would not have thought of? suggggestions? :o)

hope all is well with everyone and Jay I hate you for getting to work the Keynote so I better get some details on good old Steve J.
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